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Whilst securing a network and installing a firewall or malware protection can secure the perimeter of the network, staff awareness is critical to the successful implementation of information security.

We offer training across the full spectrum of information security awareness, implementation and management.  Our training sessions can be delivered in line with the bespoke requirements of our clients to ensure that your staff receive high quality, focussed instruction, delivered by Information Security Professionals with an established reputation for quality.

Our Security Awareness courses include topics such as email security, phishing, ransomware, attachments, malicious hyperlinks and the correct use of IT equipment (USB policies, personal devices and using a guest network). 

According to Cyber-Edge Group, the second biggest concern to security, is a lack of security awareness in employees, which was outlined in their 2018 Cyberthreat Defence report. . 

Our training portfolio includes:

  • User awareness 

  • Access control. Both for devices and rooms 

  • GDPR 

  • Privacy Impact Assessments 

  • Risk assessments 

  • Privacy and security by design 

  • Incident response 

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