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Many systems breaches occur as a result of errors that exist in the coding of websites, software and applications. These errors act like tiny holes in perimeter fences. Attackers look out for these coding vulnerabilities and then exploit them to gain access to your systems. Once they are through the fence, they can take control of your data, networks and servers.

As a victim of an attack, a business risks

  • financial losses

  • reputational damage

  • adverse media attention

  • loss of customer trust

We understand the pressure of creating functional, user friendly and reliable software, particularly when under tight deadlines for launch. We know developers have to ensure every line of code is secure, whereas hackers only need to find one mistake to compromise the entire system.

At Samurai, our data experts work with your system developers to help them create software that is robust and tested against known threats and vulnerabilities. They ‘think like the hacker’ to carry out the same scoping for vulnerabilities that an attacker might do.

Fixing the tiny holes at the development stages makes for more secure systems and more peace of mind for you and your customers.

We build strong working relationships with your system developers and work as a team with the same aims: reliable, functional and secure software.

We start by discussing your plans and provide insight and testing strategies. Moving on, we help with secure development including secure code reviews.

As part of your team, we ensure that the applications you develop are secure by design.

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