404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 1

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In case you aren’t aware, Samurai now has a podcast, on Spotify. The pilot was posted on Monday, as will become the tradition. We’ll record a new episode every Friday afternoon and it’ll be edited and posted on the following Monday afternoon. You can listen to the first episode by clicking below: –

So, lets talk about the first episode.

Personally, I’ve had a fascination with podcasts for a long while (since middle school, I think) so when David suggested we start one, I was more than happy to oblige. Our new podcast ‘404: Cybersecurity Not Found’ is a look into our lives as a cybersecurity company; our culture, our knowledge and our sense of humour.

Heading up our cast for the first episode is this colourful cast of characters:

I’m led to believe that I’m MC-ing from this Friday onwards. I, also, do the editing and posting on a Monday to make sure it’s all ready to go up by Monday afternoon.

I’m sure the podcast will progress and evolve over time but it would be great if you could interact with us over on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Time Codes

Introduction – 0:00 (David gives us an introduction to the new podcast.)
Talks on Zoom – 9:32
Talks on the Lockdown and Security at Home – 19:18
Track ‘n’ Trace App – 36:36

If you have any questions about this article, please contact the Samurai team here.

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