CRT CREST 5 Day Training Course - Live Online

  • All trainers are CRT Certified & university level lectures
  • 24/7 Dedicated testing environment
  • Access to bespoke tools that you can use in the exam
  • In-depth tutorials that allow students to practice at their discretion
  • Access to support from the trainers even after the course has finished
  • Tailored to your background & skill level
  • Courseware & downloadable materials

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At a glance

5 Days


Live online


16th November


Course leaders

Neil Richardson

Technical Director

Ali Malik

Cyber Security Consultant


On Samurai’s intensive CREST Registered Tester (CRT) course, you will be immersed in the knowledge, tools and techniques obtained by our penetration testers and university academics through their years of industry and teaching experience. All of Samurai’s instructors hold CREST CRT, giving them an in-depth understanding of what is required to pass this demanding exam first time.

As CRT is a practical exam, it is essential to have hands-on experience.  We have invested heavily in our cyber testing environment, which allows students 24/7 access to hone the skills they have learned on the course.

Our cyber testing environment has in-depth tutorials for every machine and network service you are likely to find in the CRT exam, giving you the confidence to be prepared. As part of our service, we are continuously adding features to our cyber testing environment, often going beyond what is required for CREST certification, giving you a competitive edge in your career after you pass CRT.

The course

This is a five day live online course which prepares you for both Crest Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) and Crest Register Tester (CRT) exams. Training is provided by practising penetration testers who are CRT certified.  All our trainers have extensive experience delivering cybersecurity courses in top UK universities, as well as performing penetration testing as their core job role in Samurai. The mix of academic teaching and real-world experience with CREST accredited penetration testers gives us the ability to get you through these CREST exams successfully.

Our purpose-built testing virtual environment

Included in the course is 2 weeks access to our purpose-built penetration testing environment.  This has been designed, as closely as we can, to replicate the experience you will get when taking the CRT practical exam.  The vulnerabilities, exploits and deployment methods can be paralleled with those of the exam, and with a mix of both internal infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities, we have the bases covered.  In addition, we are constantly adding and updating the environment with new machines and vulnerabilities to allow your testing prowess to progress beyond CRT.


A basic understanding of computer networking and TCP/IP is required, for example how IP addressing and subnet masks work and how network ports and services operate.  Moderate experience of the Linux command line is expected also.  If you intend to take the CRT exam, you will need to pass CPSA first, however, this is not a prerequisite for this course.


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This course consists of nine modules:

1 – Core Technical Skills
2 – Background Information Gathering & Open Source
3 – Networking Equipment
4 – Microsoft Windows Security Assessment
5 – Unix Security Assessment – Web Technologies
7 – Web Testing Techniques
8 – Databases
9 – Preparation for the CRT exam

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