Cybersecurity Awareness: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cybersecurity Awareness
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1. Identifying Threats

Understand what threats can come from outside of your organisation. This may seem obvious but it’s important to understand these threats and not just be ware of them. It’s also important to understand what internal threats could jeopardise you. These can be caused by inappropriate usage of networks or a sheer lack of awareness.

2. Identifying Vulnerabilities

It’s important to build a backlog of systems that deal in direct and indirect communication links. While you’re identifying these vulnerabilities though, it is crucial that you understand the severity of the consequences, should you experience an attack. If you already have some cybersecurity measures in place, it would be wise to school yourself on its strengths and weaknesses.

3. Assessing Exposure to Risk

Before you start preparing for World War 3 over your local network, you’ll need to fully evaluate the threats, vulnerabilities and the likelihood of said vulnerabilities being exploited both externally and internally. Assess the impact of any vulnerabilities that may be exploited and the severity of the damage to your organisation.

4. Developing Prevention Mechanisms

Obviously, prevention is better than cure so try to block up any vulnerabilities or backdoor you find with protection and detection measures. These will hopefully reduce the impact of any attacks, should you experience one, and the detection measures can alert you to when you need to contact a cybersecurity professional if you aren’t comfortable with your own security measures.

5. Developing a Contingency Plan

You’ll need to develop a response plan to reduce the intensity and impact of cybersecurity attacks, on the chance that you experience one. Threats, both external and internal to the organisation, must be understood and taken into consideration.

6. Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents

If you do have the misfortune of experiencing a cybersecurity attack, respond using your contingency plan. Evaluate the damage of the attack and try to balance that out using your response plan (also contact a professional if you’re worried it may happen again!).

What can Samurai Do?

Samurai can assist with a majority of these steps through our risk assessments, management processes and incident management services. So, if you don’t feel confident, we can take you through the steps and ensure that your organisation is as safe as it can be.

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