The Twitter Hack: What We Know Now

A few days ago and on an episode of 404, we covered the Twitter hack and how much we know about it. Thankfully, now we know who’s been blamed for the hack as well as a fun occurrence that happened during their hearing. A 19-year-old from the UK’s south coast, a 17-year-old from Florida and […]

The US TikTok Ban

By this point, most of us are aware of Donald Trump’s desire to ban the app TikTok, in the US. On the app, the people of TikTok are mostly treating the drama with humour. One of the top videos marked #SaveTikTok is a father doing a martial arts kick that changes his clothes, showing him […]

Notable Moments in the Tech Hearing

So, we all know that the likes of Facebook and other social media giants are…less than trustworthy at this point. As officials are finally realising this, the heads of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google owner Alphabet appeared before US lawmakers, on Wednesday, to defend their companies against claims that they abuse their power. Here’s a […]

Podcast Catch-Up: The DJI in the Sky

On Friday, we talked a little about DJI so here’s a little more info incase you were curious. On Thursday, cybersecurity researchers uncovered some issues in the Android app, developed by Chinese drone-maker Da Jiang Innovations (DJI). The app comes with an auto-update mechanism that bypasses Google Play Store and could be used to install […]

The $121,000 Runescape-Twitter Hack

On the 15th of July, an unexpected Twitter hack saw the accounts of Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and more fall into the hands of hackers who used that access to push a bitcoin scam. The hackers, also, accessed 36 DM (direct message) inboxes, including one for an elected official […]

Fake Zoom Notifs? What do they mean?

After a week of absence to complete the written work for my apprenticeship, I’m back to bring you more latest insights into cybersecurity so lets jump right in. Fake Zoom notifs are being used by hackers to target (mainly corporate) Office 365 users in a new phishing campaign. Why? To steal the creds to their […]

Encrochat: What is it and what happened?

The latest podcast was a short one due to us trying to fit it into a busy schedule but we got one out which is the main thing. We discussed end-to-end encryption, if we need it and why, as well as covering the EncroChat hack from the very beginning of the month. The controversy surrounding […]

How is Covid Still Affecting Communication in our Organisations?

Covid has put everyone in awkward situations. Businesses are in a difficult position right now, with many employees having to use their own devices and working from home. IT security measures are both more important than ever and more difficult to enforce. More than half of IT teams believe they are either under-equipped or still […]

Twitter Breach?!

Twitter. Samurai has an account, I have a personal account, my dad has a personal account, everyone has an account on Twitter. Why do we put so much faith into social media networks when they’re just as, if not more due to their popularity and size, at risk as any other network? I’m not sure […]

“Ekans, I Choose You!”

A ransomware attack (bearing the mark of EKANS) on The Enel Group was detected, on the 7th June. First, who are the Enel Group? Well, the Enel Group is a multinational company that specialises in electricity generation as well as the distribution of electricity and natural gas. It has its roots in Rome and was […]