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Dr David Day

Managing Director

David has 15 years’ experience of information security management systems, information security compliance and hard technical information security controls gained both in industry and academia. He holds a PhD concerning the efficacy of IDS deep packet inspection to detect attacks, as well as 2 other degrees in Network Security (MSc) and Computing Systems (BSc). He accepted an NCA (National Crime Agency) Special Officer role with the NCCU (National Cyber Crime Unit) after he was commissioned to provided media forensics expertise to a Police Central e-Crime Unit that helped lead to the conviction of one of the members of a high-profile hacking fraternity.

He was subsequently interviewed on BBC Newsnight and World news for his involvement. David’s blend of both academic and commercial experience has given him a unique insight into how bleeding edge research can be most appropriately and effectively utilised to ensure successful commercial projects. In his spare time David enjoys reading Psychology, Philosophy and Quantum Physics. He also enjoys the Gym, particularly CrossFit workouts.

Neil Richardson MSc BSc

Operations Director

Neil has worked as an academic teaching web application, mobile and infrastructure penetration testing for 7 years before co-founding Samurai.  Since then he has spent the last 3 years practising what he preaches, using the bleeding edge testing techniques he had been demonstrating through academic research, and applying them with stunning effect in industry.

In addition to having a cyber security MSc, Neil is also a Crest Register Tester, having passed the notoriously tricky CRT exams.  Further to this he holds the GWAPT SANS certification.

He has a thorough understanding of system vulnerabilities and is an advocate of tailored manual methods of testing to uncover issues. He understands the dangers of over-reliance on testing tools and the challenges of speed and efficiency when it comes to performing a penetration test. He is the co-founder of SteelCon, Sheffield’s very own annual Ethical Hacking conference founded in 2014. He also runs the Sheffield Open Web Application Security chapter. Neil also has ISO 27001 lead auditor credentials.

Neil has always had an interest in how technology works and this interest developed into how to then break, fix and adapt technologies. His first encounter with computer security was when he discovered that you could manipulate on-line gaming software, then he worked out how Trojans worked and became hooked. Professionally, he is an expert in web, mobile and infrastructure penetration testing.  In his spare time he enjoys computer games and football.

Ryan Ackroyd

Advisor / reverse engineer

Ryan brings a unique set of skills to Samurai. As an ex-blackhat hacker from the notorious hacking fraternity LulzSec, Ryan now uses his technical knowledge to support business by offering an insight into the mindset of a hacker and how to prevent attacks. He has been able to develop a vast toolkit of security tools and penetration testing kit, much of which he makes himself.

Ali Malik

Cyber Security Consultant

Ali has over 7 years’ experience in secure web application development using C#, Java, JSP, PHP and Python. This gives him a unique understanding of the security  of web applications and the different ways of exploitation.  He is familiar with the coding errors that programmers make which leave applications vulnerable, and thus knows exactly how to find and exploit them.   In his free time, by using mindset of a programmer and skills of an ethical hacker he finds different ways of circumventing application security. Ali is also an ISO 27001 lead auditor.


Senior penetration tester

Thomas is our most experienced system penetration tester, with thousands of hours of testing completed.   He is passionate about discovering the flaws in web applications that others miss, and he proves on every test his ability to do this.  He has a knack of finding the weak seam and mining it.  He also has a penchant for cracking passwords too, and really leaves with site without numerous compromised users names and passwords.  So passionate about privacy is he that his identity is not revealed here.  He has an MComp in cybersecurity, missing a 1st by the narrowest of margins.  As an aside, he has a collection of Katana’s so really fits the Samurai profile.  We can of course reveal his identity in private if needed.

Jack Hague

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor / Information security Management specialist

Jack loves to build strong relationships with customers, by learning what makes their business tick and helping them tighten their security practices. He is able to support them through ISO 27001 accreditation and Information Security planning and implementation.

Luke Hill

Cyber Security Consultant

Luke received a first class hours degree in cybersecurity from Sheffield Hallam University with an overall grade of 83%. He has commercial experience in cybersecurity defence and phishing simulation, both detection and prevention. Having just completed research developing a system that utilises artificial intelligence to defend against phishing attacks, due to be published soon, he brings with him the mix of academic and industry experience Samurai was founded upon.

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