Cyber Security as a Service

Extend the ability of your existing IT infrastructure and stay agile in a changing threat landscape.

Our team

Samurai’s directors have a long history in academia, peer reviewed research and lecturing. We have professionals with Doctorates (PhD) in cyber security who regularly work with the National Crime Agencies’ (NCA) and National Cybercrime Unit (NCCU). 

Accreditations and Certifications

Samurai Digital Security and its experts hold several industrial accreditations and qualifications, from bodies such as NCSC, ISO, CREST, SANS, Microsoft and the BSI.

Our services

Security assessments

System penetration testing is the process of attempting to breach your systems by replicating many of the activities malicious hackers undertake. This is undertaken is a safe and controlled environment so that activity can be monitored.

Incident management

From a remote external locations we attempt to access your internal systems via the internet, replicating the activities of a malicious hacker. We attempt access via systems such as your mail server, virtual private network or firewall.


Compliance to industry-approved standards demonstrates to your all stakeholders e.g. clients, partners, investors, and employees that you place information security as a priority.


Our testers have Crest Registered Tester status and can perform training with anyone looking to transform their career.

Samurai Website Scanner

Test your website for the common vulnerabilities using our online scanner.

Our clients
404: Ep.13 – Docker and Kubernetes hacks, a Quantum leap, and a big patch Tuesday

Find out how Docker and Kubernetes are being hacked, see how we have moved on in Quantum Cryptography and learn why you really need to have patched your systems since patch Tuesday.

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404: Ep. 12 – Certifications Galore!

Thinking of becoming a system penetration tester? What certification should you be aiming for. David, Luke, Kieran and Brad discuss.

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